Book Review: Fish in a Tree

December 27, 2015

Fish in a Tree by Lynda Mullaly Hunt
From Miss Carole at Madison Branch

Our last book review of 2015 comes from Miss Carole. Here's what she has to say about Fish in a Tree:

"Fish in a Tree tells the story of a dyslexic middle schooler who is afraid that no one will like her if they find out that she can’t read. Every time she is asked to read aloud or write a paragraph, she acts out and gets sent to the principal. Because she is seen as a troublemaker, she has a difficult time making friends. Her predicament is made worse by her family’s need to move frequently because the father is in the military.

"The story contains many quirky characters. Students who struggle with reading or other homework will identify with Ally, the main character."

Thanks for the review, Miss Carole! If you like this book by Lynda Mullaly Hunt, find a copy of her other book, One for the Murphys, in our catalog. We also have a selection of books about dyslexia available for checkout.

Watch this book trailer for a preview of Fish in a Tree:

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