Book Review: Rudy's Windy Christmas

December 8, 2015

Rudy's Windy Christmas by Helen Baugh and Ben Mantle
From Miss Carole at Madison Branch

Here's a great review from Miss Carole of a brand new Christmas book!

"Rudy, AKA Rudolf the red nosed reindeer, is the main character in this wildly funny picture book. The tale begins at the dinner table of Santa and Mrs. Claus. Santa secretly feeds his green sprouts to Rudy. Everything goes as planned on this Christmas Eve. The gifts are in the sleigh and all the reindeer are harnessed. Everyone's enjoying the fresh night air until they land at the first house in Australia and Dasher notices a funny smell. Rudy apologizes to the other reindeer because 'my bottom did a trump.' Each time Rudy farts, he apologizes and refers to them using hilarious word combinations like 'a booty burp,' and 'a stinky fluff' and 'a windy pop.'

"It is a great book to read aloud to a group or a single child, but it definitely wouldn't be a good bedtime story. The children will be so full of giggles that there's no way they are going to be settled down anytime soon!"

Thanks for the review Miss Carole! What a fun, new Christmas book to share. If you are looking for more holiday selections to read this season, check out the Services for Children Give the Gift of Reading Holiday Book List.

Here's a preview of Rudy's Windy Christmas:

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