Book Review: The Full Moon at the Napping House

November 9, 2015

The Full Moon at the Napping House by Audrey Wood
From Miss Heather at Butler Branch and Lucas Branch

"The full moon is blamed for everything from vivid dreams, outlandish behaviors, to restless nights. Audrey Wood’s newest book envelops the restlessness of a house during the full moon and puts a twist on her classic tale The Napping House.



"In The Full Moon at the Napping House, all are restless and once again it is an insect--although not a flea--that creates the plot twist, and this time settles the characters into more soothing, dreamy moods. With the beloved characters and repetition, this book makes the perfect companion for a full moon bedtime story for families with children."


Thanks for the review, Miss Heather! You can find more books by author Audrey Wood and illustrator Don Wood in our catalog. Also, check out the video below for an inside look at The Full Moon at the Napping House.



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