National Family Literacy Month

November 4, 2015

National Family Literacy Month is here!

Family literacy is at work when two generations or more — parents, children, and/or extended family members — are actively engaged in learning together. Whether you focus on literacy and education (health, reading, STEM, civic engagement, financial literacy) at home, or encourage your family to be more engaged in education and community efforts around the neighborhood, this month is a month for engaging with each other and for building skills for success!

What can you do to celebrate?

  • These National Family Literacy Month resources are a great way to begin, and include ways to establish healthy habits, gain financial literacy skills, interact together during playtime or meal times, and discover the world around you. It's not as important what you are doing, as long as you are working and learning with others!

  • Reading is a terrific way to encourage hands-on fun and learning when it is centered around paired fiction and nonfiction books! The Reading Rockets reading adventure packs contain the instructions, activities, and bookmarks for you to download and print, for free. Then, you can pick the books and get started.

  • Practical resources are available to help parents as they take on their critical role as their children’s first and most important teachers. These brochures from The International Literacy Association will lead you through the process. Some of the topics covered include reading with young children, watching television together, surfing the Web, the importance of nutrition, and more.

Have a great month of learning and family engagement across the educational spectrum!


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