Book Review: The Book That Ate My Brother

October 20, 2015

The Book That Ate My Brother by Michael Dahl
From Miss Devin at Main Library

"Jack is writing a desperate letter to the mysterious Librarian for help. An evil book has eaten his brother and he needs help to get him out. As he begins his own investigation he is so distracted that he forgets to protect himself. Will he be the next to be eaten?

"This is one book in a series called Return to the Library of Doom. It is a high interest-low level book that will entertain any kid who likes chilling (but not too chilling) books. This has been a series that my own little boy has loved to read on his own.  If you are interested in this series you might also like the very popular Goosebumps series."

Thanks for the review, Miss Devin! You can find The Book That Ate My Brother and other books by Michael Dahl in our catalog. Watch the video below for a preview of this super cool series!

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