Cinderella (2015)

By Pam - AV

October 2, 2015

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From lavish costumes to elaborate sets, Sir Kenneth Branagh’s adaptation of Cinderella is quite magical. The film begins by introducing us to a very young Ella and her loving parents.  Unfortunately, her mother becomes ill unexpectedly, and on her death bed she tells Ella to “have courage and be kind.”  After a few years, her father decides to marry again.  Enter the wicked stepmother and ugly stepsisters.  Cate Blanchette gives a top-notch performance as the wicked stepmother.  I found myself disliking the character more and more as the movie progressed.  Lily James is marvelous as Ella as she portrays a kind young woman, without being sugary.  Richard Madden is dashing as the handsome Prince, and he and Ella share a fascinating chemistry.  In addition, Helena Bonham Carter is delightful as Ella’s Fairy Godmother.  The special effects used during the transformation of the pumpkin to a carriage, mice into horses, and lizards into footmen were incredible.  This live action Cinderella is a treasure to be enjoyed by all ages. 

Overall Rating:  A+

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