Book Review: Love, Aubrey

September 27, 2015

Love, Aubrey by Suzanne LaFleur
From Miss Mary at Main Library

“I had everything I needed to run a household: a house, food, and a new family. From now on it would just be me and Sammy—the two of us, and no one else.”

"These are the words from eleven-year-old Aubrey when she discovers her mother had abandoned her and disappeared without a trace. Aubrey recently survived a horrific car accident which took the lives of her father and younger sister, Savannah. A few months later she wakes up one morning to find her mother and her car gone without a clue. Aubrey decides she can take care of herself just fine and does not call anyone for help. Soon the phone starts to ring and ring. Aubrey does not want to talk to anyone so she does not answer it. The person calling was her grandmother from Vermont who was concerned that something was terribly wrong so she got on a train to see what was happening. What a shock to find her granddaughter living alone and her daughter was gone.

"This poignant story tells how one girl and her grandmother deal with the emotional trauma of a family broken apart by tragedy. The grandmother takes Aubrey back to Vermont and the search for her mother begins. New friends in Vermont, a caring grandmother and a school counselor help Aubrey through a painful year. Her grief-stricken mother is eventually located and she too must face the long difficult healing process to regain her mental health and her daughter’s trust once again.

"I recommend this book to children, especially girls, in the 4th through 7th grade. The characters are well-developed, especially Aubrey and her grandmother. The story reads quickly and is hard to set down. The plot deals with grief and at times is very sad but there are also some lighter moments in the story. Love, Aubrey would be a good read for a pre-teen book club discussion. It is available at the Library in both print and audio format."

Thanks, Miss Mary, for a great review!

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