Story Time Starter - Numbers

September 15, 2015

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10!

Numbers are so much fun! And a great topic for this month's story time starter! There are many number books to read, such as the classic Chicka Chicka 1, 2, 3 by Bill Martin, Jr., the fun Ten Pigs: An Epic Bath Adventure by Derek Anderson, and many more! Some of our favorites are below:

Numbers Book List (Word document/.docx file)

Did you ever realize that many of a child's best-loved rhymes are about numbers? Here are some to recite:

One, Two Buckle My Shoe
One, two buckle my shoe
Three, four knock on the door
Five, six pick up sticks
Nine, ten a big fat hen.

Counting in Two’s
Two, four, six, eight
Meet me by the garden gate
If I’m late, don’t wait.
Two, four, six, eight.

Three Ducks
(Tune of Twinkle, twinkle)
Watch the ducks and you will see,
They are waddling one, two three,
First the smallest leads the line,
Middle sized duck thinks second place is fine,
Biggest duck is third you see,
They are waddling one, two, three.

Five Little Speckled Frogs
Five little speckled frogs,
Sat on a speckled log,
Eating some most delicious bugs
Yum, Yum.
One jumped into the pool,
Where it was nice and cool,
Then there were four green speckled frogs
Glub, Glub,
(Continue until last verse ‘and then there were no green speckled frogs’)

Ten in a Bed
There were ten in the bed,
And the little one said ‘roll over, roll over’,
So they all rolled over and one fell out.
There were nine in the bed,
And the little one said ‘roll over, roll over’
So they all rolled over and one fell out. (continue until one)

Add one or two songs to complete your story time:

When you have read all you can read and sang all you can sing, try one of these crafts:




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