Book Review: The Watermelon Seed

September 7, 2015

The Watermelon Seed by Greg Pizzoli
From Miss Mary at Main Library

"'Gulp. I just swallowed a seed, I swallowed a seed!' said the green crocodile who just gulped down a watermelon seed. What will happen next? Will the seed start to grow in his stomach? Will vines grow out of his ears? Will his skin turn pink? These are just a few of the questions one very funny crocodile has when he swallows a seed from his number one favorite food, the watermelon. Ever since he was a teeny, tiny baby he has eaten watermelon for breakfast, for lunch and even for dinner. What will happen to him? Will he end up in a fruit salad? Children everywhere struggle with that same question. What happens to them when they accidentally swallow a seed?

"Greg Pizzoli’s book The Watermelon Seed, published in 2013, will sure to be a hit with pre-school and kindergarten children. It is a simple book, illustrated in watermelon pink, apple green and black with a cream colored background. The end pages are speckled with watermelon seeds on pink paper. The story is short and sweet with humorous illustrations and a funny storyline. When the crocodile does finally rid himself of the black seed with one big loud BURP, he decides he will not be giving up watermelon any time soon, it is just too good! This book is a perfect pick for summer time reading after a slice of watermelon of course."

This is such a fun book! Thanks for the review, Miss Mary! Check out the book trailer below for a sneak peek at The Watermelon Seed:

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