5 Flights Up

By Pam - AV

August 14, 2015

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Morgan Freeman and Diane Keaton play Alex and Ruth Carver, an elderly couple who have decided at the urging of their niece, Lily (Cynthia Nixon), a real estate agent to list their apartment and move to another location with an elevator.  Through the use of flashbacks, viewers get a look at life events that have shaped Alex and Ruth’s relationship.  Claire van der Boom and Korey Jackson deliver a solid performance portraying a young Ruth and Alex.   The chemistry between Freeman and Keaton is superb.  Cynthia Nixon’s character, Lily is annoying as are many of the people who come through their open house.  Zoe, a young girl whose mother drags her to all of the open houses in the area is played by Sterling Jerins and is the one bright spot in the parade of people.  I expected more from a movie starring Freeman and Keaton, and was disappointed by the slow movement of the film. 

Overall Rating:  C

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