Book Review: Jalani and the Lock

July 25, 2015

Jalani and the Lock by Lorenzo Pace
From Miss Melanie at Main Library

It's time for another book review! This review comes from Miss Melanie at Main Library. Here is what Miss Melanie has to say about Jalani and the Lock:

"This is a very simple explanation of slavery for young children. The artwork is very child-like. It could be used to open dialogue about a serious subject but also stands alone as a picture book."

What a simple book for such a serious topic! The story is based on author Lorenzo Pace's great-grandfather's journey from Africa to America to become a slave. All of the pictures in Jalani and the Lock are original illustrations by the author.

Mr. Pace also wrote and illustrated Frederick Douglass and the North Star. If you would like other books on this topic, you can search our catalog for more books about slavery. You can also check out Lorenzo Pace's website for more information about him and his art!

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