Story Time Starter — Community Helpers

July 15, 2015

Since we are over halfway through our Summer Library Program here at the Library, this month's story time starter goes well with our theme, "Every Hero Has a Story." Last month we featured superhero books, songs, and activities. This month, we are focusing on another group of heroes--community helpers!

So many people in our community work together to help keep it clean, beautiful, and safe. Firefighters and police officers serve and protect, mailman and garbage collectors provide essential services, and teachers and doctors help us learn and grow. These people are definitely everyday heroes! Here are some great books to read:

Community Helpers Book List (Word document/.doc file)

We have some awesome songs to go along with your story time! Give one of these a try:

Reciting rhymes helps young children learn to read. Here are a few to go with your story time:

The People in Your Neighborhood
(A song from Sesame Street)
Oh, who are the people in your neighborhood
In your neighborhood
In your neighborhood.
Oh, who are the people in your neighborhood,
The people that you meet each day.
Oh, the fireman is a person in your neighborhood,
In your neighborhood, in your neighborhood.
The Fireman is a person in your neighborhood,
A person that you meet each day.
(Add verses with other people in the neighborhood; grocer, mail carrier, shoemaker etc.)

This is Dr. Bell who keeps us well. (thumb up)
This is Nurse Rick, who cares for the sick. (index up)
This is Dr. Health, who cares for our teeth. (middle up)
This is Postman Dale, who delivers our mail. (ring up)
This one here -- hey, that's me! (pinky up)
We all work together for our community!

The Community Worker Song
(Sung to: "The Farmer In The Dell")
The firemen are brave.
The firemen are brave.
Heigh-ho what do you know,
The firefighters are brave.
(Other possible versus;
Barbers cut our hair.
Doctors keep us well.
Dentists check our teeth.
Bakers bake our bread.
Policeman stop the traffic.)

Finally, pick one of these cool crafts to finish your story time:



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