Book Review: Florence Nightingale

June 28, 2015

Florence Nightingale by Demi
From Miss Sarah at Bellville

"Going along with our Summer Library Program (SLP) theme of "Every Hero has a Story" is a wonderful biography about Florence Nightingale by Demi which tells the encouraging story of Florence Nightingale and her influence on nursing and hospitals.  Florence came from a wealthy family and decided to travel to Europe to visit different hospitals.  She got a job as the superintendent of London’s Institution for the Care of Sick Gentlewomen in Distressed Circumstances and had great success.  Then Florence and 38 nurses went to Turkey to help care for the sick soldiers during the Crimean War.  She became the Lady with the Lamp because she visited soldiers late at night with her lamp guiding her.

"Next, Florence visited the hospitals in the Crimea and got a high fever which caused her to be bedridden for most of the rest of her life.  Florence continued to write reports on how to improve medical care and opened The Nightingale Training School for Nurses.  In addition, Florence became the first women to receive the Order of Merit by King Edward VII of England, and the International Committee of the Red Cross established the Florence Nightingale Medal to honor outstanding nurses.

"This straightforward biography has lovely watercolor and mixed media illustrations.  Children can easily understand this inspiring story, and there is a timeline listed in the back of the book.  There is also a list of suggestions for further reading about Florence Nightingale.  Source notes or a bibliography would be an ideal addition to this visually appealing account of the Lady with the Lamp.

"There are other biographies about Florence Nightingale in our library system like Heart and Soul: The Story of Florence Nightingale by Gena Gorrell and Florence Nightingale : The Lady of the Lamp by Kay Barnham. There is also an animated DVD about Florence Nightingale in our collection."

Thanks for an enlightening and informative review, Miss Sarah; we can't wait to learn more about other fascinating true heroes from history!


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