Book Review: In a Glass Grimmly

June 10, 2015

In a Glass Grimmly by Adam Gidwitz
From Miss Sarah at Bellville Branch

This month's book review comes from Miss Sarah at the Bellville Branch.  Here's what she has to say:

"In a Glass Grimmly by Adam Gidwitz is a fantasy book in which Jack, Jill and a talking frog go on an adventure to find a glass for an old women who promised to make Jill the most beautiful girl in the kingdom and for Jack to be liked and admired by everyone.  If Jack and Jill do not find the glass then they will die.  First, Jack and Jill have to outsmart some giants then Jill gets enchanted by a mermaid.  Next they meet some ravens then Jack has to save Jill from some goblins.  Jack and Jill also encounter a giant salamander plus they have to outwit the old woman and silk merchant before they are eaten.

"This exciting book is a mixed up fairy tale quest that children will enjoy reading but not for those who get scared easily.  The author includes a section in the back of the book entitled “Where Do These Stories Come From?” which references other fairy tales that children might be interested in and helps children understand where authors get their ideas for their books.  This well narrated spooky story brings the reader into a thrilling new world full of danger, magic, mystery, and anticipation with clever yet relatable characters.

"Jack, Jill and the frog are the heroes of the story which fits nicely with our Summer Library Program theme of "Every Hero Has a Story."  If kids enjoy In a Glass Grimmly then they can read other books by Adam Gidwitz like A Tale Dark and Grimm which features Hansel and Gretel or The Grimm Conclusion which is the sequel to In a Glass Grimmly.  The library also has the audiobook version of In a Glass Grimmly which makes a great story to listen to while on a family road trip

"The library has ebooks available including In a Glass Grimmly through the Ohio Digital Library.  Ask a librarian for more information about ebooks or visit our website."

Great review, Miss Sarah! 

Be sure to join us for the Summer Library Program anytime now through August 1st.


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