Crafting with Kids: Art Extravaganza

April 19, 2015

This month's craft idea came from a partnership with the Mansfield Art Center.  Artists from there, along with staff from the library, joined together to present after school art activities for children of all ages last week at the library. 

Children were exposed to different mediums like painting with pastels and watercolors, drawing with colored pencils, creating collages with wet tissue paper and a variety of seeds and beans, and making bookmarks with scrapbook paper.  Kids also got to paint with jingle bells

Here are some of the art projects children made last Thursday:

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Creativity was running rampant as children and their parents enjoyed these drop-in art activities.  You can do the same at home with your children! 

All you need to do is gather materials that lend themselves to creating art, whether you work with paint, crayons, or markers, or use things like paper, recycled materials, or clay.  Encourage your children to create an open-ended art project—something that doesn't have specific directions and something that is original and unique.

Find a special place to display your children's artwork, letting them help by deciding what to display.  You can explore different ways to create art or even make something in the style of an actual artist.  We've got lots of art books here at the library that can help you with that!

So get out there and start making some art!


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