Story Time Starter — Mealtime

April 11, 2015

This month's story time starter features something everybody loves—food! Mealtimes are a great time to interact with family and spend time together. No two meals are the same, and neither are any of the two books we picked out! Reading stories about meals always makes us hungry, how about you? Here are some awesome mealtime books to share!

Mealtime Book List (Word document/.doc file)

From a picky prince in The Prince's Breakfast by Joanne Oppenheim to a very hungry mouse in Lunch by Denise Fleming, we have great mealtime stories to share. We even have some out-of-the-ordinary stories such as The Lamb Who Came For Dinner by Steve Smallman and The Little Red Hen (Makes a Pizza) by Philemon Sturges.

Story times are much more fun when you add some songs! Here is some music to go with your stories!

Rhymes are fun to say and strengthen early literacy skills. Here are a few to try:

Good Things to Eat
Will you have a cookie?     (form circle with thumb and finger)
Or a piece of pie?               (form triangle)
Or a striped candy stick?    (hold one finger up straight)
Well, so will I.                     (open mouth as if taking a bite)

I’m So Hungry
I’m so hungry. What can I eat?                   (rub tummy)
What can I have that would be a treat?     (finger to chin)
A big bowl of soup                                      (circle with thumbs and fingers)
With steam rising high?                              (circle hand upward)
A yellow banana?                                        (pretend to peel banana)
Some strawberry pie?                                  (lick lips, rub tummy)
Or a nice, juicy apple to munch?                  (take a bite of apple)
Well, maybe later. It’s time for lunch!           (point to watch)

Vegetable Soup
(tune: Farmer in the Dell)
The soup is boiling up                (stir imaginary pot)
The soup is boiling up
Stir slow, around we go
The soup is boiling up
First we cook the broth….
Now we add some carrots….      (pretend to add vegetables)
Next we add some corn….
(continue until everyone adds something)

Finally, finish off your story time with some mealtime crafts. Here are the ones we like:

We hope you have an excellent story time and a tasty mealtime!




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