Poetry Contest Winners

April 7, 2015

Congratulations to the winners of our 2015 Children's Poetry Contest!

1st Place (1st-3rd grade): Monkey by Kaiya Bookman, Foundation Academy

Once there was a monkey,

As chunky as can be.

He said "Ooh ooh, ah ah"

As he swung in a tree.

He is always happy.

Happy as can be.

He laughs "hee hee"

Oh cute little monkey,

This is the end

but you will always be

My friend.

2nd Place (1st-3rd grade): Wait I Can Wait by Cameron Carns, Mansfield Spanish Immersion School

Wait I can wait     

      For my cat toy     

      For mice to come out

Wait I can wait
      For my kitty litter
      For my owners to come home

Wait I can wait
      For my tennis balls
      For my stuffed animals

Wait I can wait
      For my cat nip
      For my new cat toy

Wait I can wait
      For the door outside to open
      To be petted
                  That was worth the wait

3rd Place (1st-3rd grade): The Basketball Game by Kenyon Toddie, Foundation Academy

I see the gaurds trying to steal
the ball from me.

I hear the fans in the crowd
cheering for me.

I smell the buttery popcorn waiting
for me.

I taste the juicy gatorade "splashing"
in my mouth.

I feel the sweat coming off
my body.

1st Place (4th-5th grade): Messy Locker by Hannah Blakeley, homeschool

It's locker cleaning day

First thing I found a stinky

A piece of gum I never

An old fish taco that smelled

Next I found a board
         game Clue

A red pencil I borrowed from Sue
         or maybe it was Lue

I love locker cleaning

What about you?

2nd Place (4th-5th grade): October by Anna Woodruff, Madison Middle School

       Crunchy leaves
       on the ground,
           I can barly
         hear a sound,

       Breeze of wind
          in the air,
        leaves in my

        Pumpkin pie
          sweet and
        whip cream
      and cinnamon

3rd Place (4th-5th grade): Everything by Breanna Ford, Madison Middle School

         I have to write this poem
              For a contest entry
         But my list keeps growing
                 What shall I do!
      I could write to you about trees
             Or what scientists do
     By-Golly! I could write about fleas
       (Those disgusting little things)
             I could write about you
                 Or a butterfly's life
            (Or how I dislike school)
    I could write about my favorite toy
           Or why the giraffe is tall
          (My list is probable taller)
    I could write about a bouncy ball
      Just to show you what I mean
          I'll write you a small list
 I could write about a dog, a cat, a bean
    A glove, a kite, a Swiss army knife
        A bat, a ball, a flower, a hare
Wait! I got it! I'll write about everything!

1st Place (Spanish): Primavera by Abagail Seitz, Mansfield Spanish Immersion School

De sabores, de sabores

Se visiten

las escuelas

en la primavera

De sabadores, de sabadores

son las


que vienen de afuera

De sabadores, de sabadores

es el arcoiris

que vemos venir

por eso los grandes flores

de muchos colores me gustanam

2nd Place (Spanish): La Primavera by Macie Simmering, Mansfield Spanish Immersion School

Las bonitas flores

lucen al sol.

Las bonitas estrellas

brillan en el cielo.

La lluvia cae

Los pajaros cantan

Bonita es la musica

Bonitas las flores

no para

haciendo bonita

bonitos son las mariposas

como los pajaros.

3rd Place (Spanish): Primavera by Tilia Ames, Mansfield Spanish Immersion School

La primavera es como las flores

de muchos colores.

La primavera son las flores

que visten el campo.

La primavera es el arcoiris

que tienes afuera.

Y por eso la primavera

me gusta a mi.

We had a great turnout this year for the contest.  Thanks for all of the fantastic poems!  You can see them in person at the Main Library through April 17th.


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