Crafting with Kids: Tin Pocket Pals

March 30, 2015

Our featured craft this month is totally cute and completely customizable! 

Miss Melanie had a program earlier in the month where kids made felt critters, accessorized them, and decorated keepsake containers in which to keep them.  These Tin Pocket Pals were a great project for kids of all ages!  Keep reading to see how to make your own Tin Pocket Pal.

Here's what you need:

  • Felt in assorted colors

  • Beads, buttons, ribbons, scraps of fabric, google eyes, and other fun stuff

  • Fabric glue (or needle & thread)

  • Altoids containers (clean & empty; or other small container with a hinged lid)

  • Fabric pens (optional)

  • Quilt batting (optional)

You can cut out different shapes of animals or people (we used a die-cut machine, but you could use sharp scissors) and dress or accessorize them with assorted items.  Attach the items with fabric glue (or a needle & thread if you are more crafty). 

If you have fabric pens or markers, you can use those for finer details, like faces.  And if you have leftover quilt batting, you can cut two of the same shape, glue or stitch them together, and stuff the inside for a more 3D-like critter. 

After doing that, all you'll need to do is decorate the tin, both inside and out.  And there you have it — a handcrafted Tin Pocket Pal with its own unique container.  Thanks, Miss Melanie!


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