Story Time Starter — Colorful Counting Fish

February 22, 2015

For this month's story time starter, we have picked several awesome fish books, songs, rhymes, and crafts! What is more fun than sharing stories about cute, colorful fishies? From the Dr. Seuss classic One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish to Audrey Wood's Ten Little Fish, we have lots of fish stories! These selections are also great for counting and color recognition.

Colorful Counting Fish Book List (Word document/.doc file)

To have your own story time at home, pick out a few books and choose a song or two to go along with your stories. Here are some of our favorites:

Reciting rhymes is a great way to strengthen a child's early literacy skills! By reciting rhymes, a child is able to find the smaller sounds that make up words. We like these rhymes about fish!

Did You Ever See A Fishy?
(Tune: Did You Ever See A Lassie?)
Did you ever see a fishy,
A fishy, a fishy?
Did you ever see a fishy
Swim this way and that?
Swim this way and that way
And that way and this way?
Did you ever see a fishy
Swim this way and that?

Five Little Fishes
Five little fishes swimming in the sea (make swimming motions with your hands)
The first one said, “I’m as blue as can be” (make a sad face)
The second one said, “Let’s dive down deep” (make a diving motion with hands together)
The third one said, “You don’t have to weep” (make a crying motion with hands on face)
The fourth one said, “Be happy and free” (make a happy face)
The fifth one said, “Be friends with me” (point to baby and yourself)
And friends they were and friends they will stay
As the five little fishes swam away (make swimming motions with your hands)

Five Little Fishes
(Tune: 5 Little Monkeys Swinging in a Tree)
Five little fishes, Swimming in the sea.
Teasing Mr. Shark, You can`t catch me, You can`t catch me.
Along comes Mr. Shark, As quiet as can be... Snap!
(Repeat with: Four little fishes, etc...)

I'm a Little Fishy
(Tune: I'm a Little Teapot)
I'm a little fishy, watch me swim
Here is my tail, here is my fin,
When I want to have fun with my friends,
I wiggle my tail and dive right in!

Little Color Fish
Five little fishes swimming near the shore,
The red snapper took a bite and then there were four.
Four little fishes swimming in the sea,
The orange roughy swam away and then there were three.
Three little fishes in the ocean blue,
The pink salmon took a seahorse ride and then there were two.
Two little fishes, swimming in the sun,
The yellow perch swam too far and then there was one.
One little blue marlin, now you're all alone,
I'll put you in my fish bowl and take you home.

Finally, no story time is complete without a craft! Try one of these easy, fun projects:

Have fun!


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