Crafting with Kids: The Craft Box

February 14, 2015

How many times do you have just a few crafts left after story time or make-it take-it crafts?  If you're like us, we have lots of those craft leftovers just sitting there taking up space! 

Well, Miss Terry decided to do something about it, and for the past several months, we have our lovely Craft Box that is out all the time.  She has used crafts to go with specific seasons or holidays, and has also put out those pesky craft leftovers to get used up.  This has been a very popular station for the kids to stop at whenever they are in the library with nothing else to do.  A lot of kids check to see if the craft has changed since they were in last, and because of this, Miss Terry is good about changing things up every 2 weeks so that there are new projects all the time!

Here's our awesome Craft Box right now:


This month we had assorted hearts and doilies out so kids could make a valentine.  That was popular, of course, and now we are getting ready to have a new craft out.  It may not be quite as popular, but the kids will get a kick out of making masks of either George Washington (with cotton ball hair) or Abraham Lincoln (with a construction paper top hat) in honor of Presidents' Day this monthFree Kids Crafts has lots of other terrific ideas for you to choose from as well.

We are also getting our ideas set for this year's Summer Library Program (SLP), which features superheroes.  Be on the lookout for more crafts in the Craft Box each time you come to the library!


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