Story Time Starter — Hats

January 17, 2015

This month's story time starter comes to us courtesy of a very special day that was on the 15th: Hat Day!  So we've come up with some of our favorite books, rhymes, songs, and crafts so that you can celebrate at home.

Most children love putting things on their heads, and cool hats are no exception!  There are soft hats, hard hats, hats that people wear for work, hats that keep us warm, and hats that give us shade. Hats can be part of a daily uniform or something that we only wear occasionally.  Hats can be fancy or plain, with patterns or without. 

Here are some of the great hat story time books we have to offer:


Hats Book List (Word document/.doc file)

Ready for some rhymes?

My Hat
My hat it has three corners
Three corners has my hat
And had it not three corners
It would not be my hat

Kitty Cat, Kitty Cat
Kitty cat, kitty cat
Are you under the ______________ hat?
(repeat, hiding a hat shape under different colors of flannel hats)

Silly Hat Song
(Tune: This Old Man)
On my head, I wear my hat
It is such a silly hat
That my head will wiggle waggle to and fro
Where else can my silly hat go?
(Repeat using foot, elbow and knee.)

And here are some songs:

Finally, the crafts!

You can make a party hat,  a jester's hat, a flower crown, or a newspaper sailor/pirate hat.  Check out these quick and easy paper hats, as well.

We hope you have a great Hat Day or story time!


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