Book Review: Mix It Up!

November 7, 2014

Mix It Up! by Hervé Tullet
From Miss Heather at Butler Branch and Lucas Branch

Hervé Tullet, a New York Times best-selling author, is back at it again with another seemingly magical book. Mix It Up! explores the world of colors in a fun, creative, interactive, and engaging way. Whether one-on-one with the book, or with a large group, children are in for a surprising treat.

Mix It Up! by Herve Tullet

Similar in format to his best-selling Press Here, readers begin by tapping a dot on a page and turning it to discover what their tap created. Throughout the story actions such as tapping, tilting, placing a hand over an image, opening and closing the book, and rubbing one color of dot followed by a different color, create consequences that children will begin to aptly predict…with enthusiasm!

This book would make an excellent introduction into the concept of color mixing. What do the colors red and blue mixed together create? You got it, purple! What happens when you mix white into the purple? You just made lavender, of course. Mix in some black, violet! Mix It Up! keeps the terminology simple by describing the colors simply as lighter or darker, offering a springboard for discussing vocabulary for tertiary colors and further exploration into the many shades and tints of colors.

Herve Tullet introduces his new book, Mix It Up!

I believe children of all ages would enjoy reading this book simply for the interactive experience. However, children in the first grade and younger are set to either learn about colors or reinforce their understanding by reading this book. A second reading with paper and paints to follow along with the story would be a great project sure to bring the book even more to life as they see their own pages precisely matching the pages in this book. Get ready for some fun with colors and check this book out for a child in your life!

Thanks, Miss Heather, for an awesome review!


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