Crafting with Kids — Leafy Family Fun

September 29, 2014

This month's craft ideas come from Miss Melanie, who hosted a Leafy Family Fun program on Saturday, October 20th for families with children to get artistic with colorful leaves and take home a beautiful leaf art creation.  While Miss Melanie had some ideas for the children to try, she left it open for them to create whatever they wanted.  From paper plate wreaths to stamping with leaves, inspiration filled the room!

There are so many other things to do with fall leaves that are educational and fun — you can sort leaves by shape or size, string them on a piece of yarn and make a pattern, glue leaves to craft sticks to make leaf puppets, or even play leaf BINGO!  You can also trace your child's hand to make your own custom-made leaves to cut out and glue onto a bare tree shape.  Or you can gather random colorful leaves and make a mobile or create leaf rubbings to see the beautiful textures leaves have.  What other clever ideas can you come up with?!

 Happy fall crafting, everyone!

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