Crafting With Kids — Create a Collage!

August 29, 2014

Our Crafting with Kids feature is on creating collages. A collage can be a collection and display of many different types of items or materials. Many picture book artists use collage to create their art. Quilters use fabric to create collages.  The planning as well as the materials can be as simple or involved as you choose. Something that is of interest to your child can be used to create a fun, imaginative work of art that reflects individual style, personality and interest.


Three basic materials are needed to create a collage. The collage materials, the background the materials will be attached to and glue. Scissors may be required if you are using paper but tearing might work as well. Depending on type of collage materials used, the background can be anything from paper to cardboard to foam trays or even wood. The more creative the better! A glue that will adhere to the materials you choose can vary also.

Nature Collage – Anytime of year is great for a nature collage! Different types of leaves, grasses and mosses can be found most of the year. Small pebbles, seashells seeds and twigs can add dimension and texture to the collage. These items can be painted or used in their natural form. Part of the fun in creating this type of collage is the collection of the materials. Take a walk in your back yard, neighborhood or park.

Memory Collage – create a collage from items that hold memories for your child. A summer collage could contain photos, ticket stubs, articles clipped from newspapers or magazines, post cards, sports memorabilia etc. The collage could focus on a certain trip or event or perhaps the whole summer. A family collage is also a great memory collage. Pictures of family members, names or birth dates stenciled, drawn or cut from recycled printed materials.

Recycled Collage – use recyclable items to create a fun collage! Virtually any material can be used. Brightly colored bottle caps, Popsicle sticks, jar lids etc. can be fun and promote conversation about recycling and reusing items. Cut apart food boxes such as cereal or snack boxes for letters or wording about the collage or item used.                                                                                                             



Glass Collage – this type of collage can be very fun and interesting to do but should always have adult assistance. Kits can be purchased for these collages as well as broken glass and tiles from home improvement or craft stores. Experienced adults can also break tiles and glass but much care is needed in working with these materials that would have sharp edges. A pattern or form can be created or a just for fun collage of colors can be just as beautiful!

Paper Collage – cutting pictures and words from old magazines and newspapers is a fun way to re-purpose those materials and can also be an important aid in print and word recognition for beginning readers. It can also be a great form of self-expression for established readers and older children. There can be a theme or not!

Creating a collage with your child allows the perfect opportunity to allow creativity to flow. While finding materials and while creating the collage, talk about what you are doing. What you are looking for. If it's a memory collage, recall stories from the adventure. Or create a story or a poem about the collage when you are finished.

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