Book Review: The Midnight Library

August 26, 2014

The Midnight Library by Kazuno Kohara
From Miss Caroline at Main Library

The Midnight Library is a look at what happens at the library at night when everyone is sleeping.  The little girl in the story is the librarian who, with her three owl helpers, assists various nocturnal animals in finding the perfect books to read, the best space to be loud, the most comfortable spot for story time, and how to sign up for a library card.  Then, just as the sun is starting to come up, the girl helps the three owls close up the library and read a special book before bed.

I'm kind of particular about the picture books I like.  I can't even say specifically WHY I like certain books; I just know what I like and what I don't!  Usually, though, the pictures are what first either attract or repel me.  When this book came across our new books shelf recently, it caught my eye for the use of color--not because it uses lots of color, but because it doesn't.  Using only navy blue, gold, and black, the pictures are quite striking. 

Although we only have 3 books in our catalog by this Ms. Kohara, they are each completely memorable in their own way.  If you are in a rut and find yourself using the same books over and over, check out what Kazuno Kohara has to offer.  From exploring libraries before dawn to re-purposing ghosts in the house and playing with Jack Frost, you'll be glad to did! 

We'll also be looking out for more great books from this talented artist in the future!


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