Book Review: Food Trucks!

July 24, 2014

Food Trucks! by Mark Todd
From Miss Melanie at Main Library

We can honestly say there haven't been too many other children's books written about food trucks (although we do have a few about ice cream trucks).  So Food Trucks! really fills a niche for people who want to learn more about that type of restaurant on wheels.

Miss Melanie says:

"This exciting new book is packed with information on different types of food trucks. Usually seen in big cities, food trucks are a fun way to get some great food that you may not be able to get on a regular menu in a restaurant.  In addition to the interesting facts about each kind of food truck, there is a catchy poem.  Good for kids of all ages and their adults."

Thanks for an intriguing review, Miss Melanie!  Now we'll have to check out the options for food trucks in our local area!  Click on the image below to go to our catalog and see if it is available for checking out.

A summary from the publisher says:

"A comical fleet of fourteen food trucks is rolling into town in this fun and informative picture book about the street food craze. Mark Todd's cartoon illustrations and rhyming text introduce this culinary convoy as they take to the streets serving up yummy treats and some surprising facts about America's contemporary chuckwagons."

Betcha can't wait to read it now!  (Did we mention it has FOOD in it?!)

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