Crafting with Kids — Scented Pictures

July 11, 2014

Our featured craft this month was taken from a program in June, What Stinks!, all about smelly things and how our sense of smell works.  This craft, Scratch and Sniff paintings, is created by painting with paint made from water and unsweetened drink mix packets.  This project was created based on ideas from this website.

To create a Scratch and Sniff Painting you will need;


  • Unsweetened flavored drink mix packets

  • Cups or a small muffin pan

  • Water

Mix the drink mix packets with about two teaspoons of water and  to get a paint consistency.  With a paintbrush, create a scented picture!


We created bookmarks and door hangers but any artistic project will surely turn out beautiful!  Caution - the drink mix contains food coloring and will stain!

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