Crafting with Kids — Mad Scientist Masks

June 27, 2014

This year's Summer Library Program (SLP) is all about science, so what better way to practice being a scientist than by wearing a crazy mad scientist mask?!  We got the idea from the Collaborative Summer Library Program (CSLP) manual and morphed the lab goggles and Einstein hair to make the mask.  

We cut a strip of construction paper to create the band and stapled it in place.  Then we cut strips of colored tissue paper into squares and put out quilt batting and glue.  The kids added paper or bits of cotton to make a mad scientist with crazy hair and safety goggles.  They looked cute running around looking all science-y at our SLP kickoff at the end of April! 

It was a really fun and pretty easy craft (we had precut everything) that the kids seemed to enjoy.  Since we don't have a pattern available, you can just hand draw a pattern of what you think a mad scientist mask would look like and copy it to make your own awesome craft.

Happy science-ing!


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