Nonfiction Minute

May 28, 2014

Ink Think Tank has debuted a new feature this fall called the Nonfiction Minute.  Author Alexandra Siy had a really good idea!  Here's what she said: 

"I’ve been thinking about the controversy around the CCSS and wondering if it would impact how children’s nonfiction literature is used in classrooms. I wondered how teachers would know how to decide what kinds of nonfiction to use when faced with mountains of materials from textbook publishers, curriculum packagers, and online information. The idea is for each iNK author to write one short nonfiction post per month aimed towards kids, that features our research, interests, process, ideas, thinking--basically anything that we want to share with teachers and  their students.  If teachers had free online access to our work in "sound-bites," so to speak, they could use this content in their classrooms in ways that align with the CCSS.  It could be part of the "50%-70%" nonfiction content that is mandated by the standards."

They are now ready to share with you The Nonfiction Minute.  Be sure to click on the players to hear the authors read their entries aloud.   A new entry will come up every school day.  Initial support has been very encouraging.  Here's what Dr. Myra Zarnowski wrote in her recent blog the Uncommon Corps. Full disclosure, Myra is also heading up the "Teachers" tab on the website.  

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