Book Review: Flora & Ulysses

May 28, 2014

Book Review -- Flora & Ulysses: The Illuminated Adventures by Kate DiCamillo
From Miss Jennie at Ontario

Here's Miss Jennie's review of this 2014 Newbery Award-winning book:

"On the outside, Flora Belle Buckman looks like a very nice, very quiet kind of girl.  Nobody would know by looking at her that she is a cynic, or that she loves superhero comic books! Nobody would know that one day Flora's life would forever change - all because of a squirrel and a vacuum cleaner!  The day Flora watched a squirrel get sucked up into her neighbor’s new vacuum cleaner was the start of a crazy adventure for her!

"Using knowledge from her favorite comic book series, “Terrible Things Can Happen to You!,” Flora knows just what to do to save the squirrel and save the day! A wonderful story, illustrated with comic panels, with new friends, an arch nemesis, and a pet with super powers and a knack for writing poetry, Flora & Ulysses will keep you laughing from beginning to end!"

 Age range - 8 and up

Thanks, Miss Jennie!

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