Annual Poetry Contest Winners!

April 8, 2014


The winners for this year’s Children’s Poetry Contest have been chosen! We had many, many entries submitted, and first, second, and third place prizes were awarded in two age categories: first through third grades, and fourth through fifth grades. Also this year, several poems were submitted in Spanish from students at Mansfield Spanish Immersion School. These were judged separately and first, second, and third place winners were chosen from among the entries.

Congratulations to all our winners, and good job to everyone who submitted a poem! Stop by the Children’s Department at Main Library this month to see the winning entries on display!

Here are the winning entries!

1st – 3rd Grade Winners

Summer Time
The bright warm sun
shining down.
The butterflys fluttering all                                                                  
The flowers blooming every                                                                     
The warm breeze blowing                                                              
through my hair.                                                                                       
Swimming in the pool and water                                               
gun fights.                                                                               
No work at all just long fun                                                           
First Place Winner Kalea Ramsey                                                  
Prospect Elementary School
2nd Grade                                                                                        

Ja-do My Black Cat
Slowly Slinking in
A Shadow in the Darkness
My Loving Kitty.
Second Place Winner Anna Slade
Mansfield Spanish Immersion School

3rd Grade
I Love Winter!!!!!!!                                 
I see snow flakes.                                                                                 
I hear nothing.
I feel snow.
I smell hot chocolate.
I taste snow.
Third Place Winner Jacob Brinley
Foundation Academy
1st Grade

4th – 5th Grade Winners

What once was whole is now in half.
Division always makes me laugh.
There’s the dividend, and there’s the divisor.
The quotient comes out like a geyser.
I had a pie to share with friends.
In thirds and quarters, it never ends.
Division takes a lot of time.
I really didn’t want to rhyme.
First Place Winner Teddy Togliatti
St. Peter’s Elementary School
5th Grade

The Women Inside Me
The Women in my family are as beautiful as butterflies.

They’re so happy and talented
They are like the sun smiling all the time.

Energetic, elegant and enlightened they face the day ahead.
Strong, determined, unwavering like the tide
pounding the rock.

They’re all a part of my heart.
Each one, down through the generations.
I may have my grandmothers eyes, my mothers smile,
but my soul is purely Alexia.
Second Place Winner Alexia Gerber
Mansfield Spanish Immersion School
4th Grade

Schools Out
Schools out get your pencil out of your hand,
Get to the beach and play in the sand,
Weekends should have no studying,
Or homework either,
If I had to choose one I’d choose neither,
At recess we get free time,
Then it’s writing class where we make our poems rhyme,
Reading class I like the best,
But on weekends I stay in bed late and rest,
Summer Winter and spring break,
But in the fall sometimes I have to rake,
At home theres chores at school theres a test,
If someone will tell me why be my guest,
Saturdays aren’t to awesome there is some work to do,
School isn’t so bad theres a new student,
I wonder who?
Third Place Winner Alayna Neal
Mifflin Elementary School
4th Grade

Spanish Winners from Mansfield Spanish Immersion School

Un Dia De Lluvia
Algunos dias un charco
se puedo transformar
en un bonito lago
y yo necesito un barco.

Y cuando vas a la cama
estas asustado
porque hay un trueno
pero algunas personas
piensa que es bueno

Las gotitas dan charcos
entonces necesitas botitas
Y unas veces un rayo
te deja sin luz hasta mayo
First Place Winner Kaelyn Carr
2nd Grade













Los Animales Del Mundo
El Pulpo es azul
como el tiburon y
la foca es azul
como el mar er
el que me ban͠o yo.
El cocorilo es verde
como la Iguana y
como el loro
con el que hablo
Second Place Winner
Caden Dewiel
1st Grade

“La Primavera”
La primavera es la primera
Es mi favorita estacion,
Porque puedes ir afuera.
Está muy bonita.
¿Qué quieres, Primavera?
Eres tan bonita como kiara
La quiero mucho porque es como
Third Place Winner
Audrey Nelson
1st Grade

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