Book Review: I Spy series

March 24, 2014

I Spy series by Edward Gibbs
From Miss Melia at Main Library

Author and illustrator Edward Gibbs has taken a popular children’s game and produced a wonderful book series based on it. The I Spy series lets readers use clues to guess different animals described in the text. But unlike many books based on this concept, Mr. Gibbs has included a peephole in each page, giving a visual clue to the answer that follows in a full spread picture of the unknown animal.

I Spy Collage

Each book contains rich illustrations and clues right from the mystery animal. Some clues are easy to decipher, such as something with shiny scales that gulps small flakes (a goldfish), while others are a bit more challenging—something with bumpy skin that eats insects, which could be a few different animals but is actually a chameleon. Both of these animals can be found in I Spy Pets, the newest book in the series. No matter what the clues are, kids love to guess which animal may be on the next page! Along with the animal clues, each illustration shows where the animal lives, like a fish bowl and a branch. Although considered picture books, the information each story contains is factual, and this is actually a really good series to introduce animal colors, characteristics, and habitats to children of all ages.

There are four books in the seriesI Spy With My Little Eye, I Spy Under the Sea, I Spy on the Farm, and I Spy Pets, plus a new one being released this month called I Spy in the Sky.

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