Crafting with Kids — Homemade Kites

March 8, 2014

While spring is technically almost here, we may have to wait a few extra weeks before some really spring-like weather appears.  In the meantime, we’ve got an awesome activity for you to do now and spend some time decorating so it will be ready to go when the temperatures warm up a bit.  National Kite Month begins at the end of March and runs through the first part of May.  Hopefully within that period of time you'll be able to fly a kite you have created.

(Even Stormtroopers love kites!)

Did you know you can make your own kite with garbage bags, dowel rods, tape, and some string? It’s THAT simple, and you can learn how to do it!  Check out these directions from the National Geographic Kids website.

But wait!  There are also other simple kites that you can make from ordinary pieces of paper, like this one from the Instructables website.

No matter which kite you decide to make, be sure to get outside and have some fun with your family! And don't forget to check out some great kite books from the library.

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