Story Time Starter — Cats & Kittens

February 21, 2014

Story Time Starter -- Cats & Kittens
Posted on February 24, 2014

We're back with a new story time for you to share with your kids; whether at home, at preschool, or at the library, you'll have everything you need for a successful and fun time together!

We all LOVE cats & kittens, and we have SO many books to share that we had a hard time picking just a few.  But here some of our favorite stories:

Cats & Kittens Book List (Word Document/.doc)

Along with the stories, here are some rhymes for you to try out:

Cat Chant
Big cats.          [hold up hand over head]
Little cats.       [hold hand at knee level]
Fat cats.          [curve arms, hold out at sides]
Skinny cats.     [bring arms almost together]
White cats.      [point to something white]
Black cats.       [point to something black]
Brave cats.      [puff out chest]
Fraidy cats.      [look scared]
Sleepy cats.     [put head on closed hands]

Kitty Cat
Kitty cat, kitty cat; fat, fat kitty cat
Kitty cat, kitty cat; black and white kitty cat
Kitty cat, kitty cat; kitty cat wearing a hat
Kitty cat, kitty cat; "Meow!"

Kitty Cat, Are You Under the __________ Hat?
(Hide a small flannel cat under a flannel hat shape, and say the following)
Kitty cat, kitty cat, are you under the red hat?
Kitty cat, kitty cat, are you under the blue hat?
Kitty cat, kitty cat, are you under the yellow hat?
(Repeat using different colors of flannel hats and hide the cat underneath various hats)

Five Little Kittens
Five little kittens standing in a row
They nod their heads to the children so
They run to the left, they run to the right
They stand up and stretch in the bright sunlight
Along comes a dog, who’s in for some fun
M-e-oooow, see those kittens run!

Here are some of our favorite songs:

And to finish things off, here are some great crafts for you to share:


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