Crafting with Kids — Birdfeeders

February 18, 2014

February is National Bird Feeding Month! In honor of this month-long event, our craft this month is an easy-to-make bird feeder using recycled plastic and odds and ends from around the house.

All you need to make a super easy bird feeder is a plastic bottle, a plastic lid or pie pan, some wire, and scissors. We used a recycled water bottle, a recycled yogurt lid, and a pipe cleaner for our bird feeder.

Since this project includes cutting plastic, grown-ups should help children. Begin by taking the lid off the bottle, but be sure you don’t lose it! Cut out two holes near the neck of the bottle. These will allow the bird seed to fall out for the birds to eat. Then make two holes in the bottom of the bottle for your wire—this will become the top of the feeder. Insert your wire through one hole, across the inside of the bottle, and out the other side. Next, cut a hole in the lid or pan just big enough for the mouth of the bottle to fit through and insert the bottle into the lid. Don’t forget to fill your bird feeder before screwing the bottle lid back on tightly.


Complete directions for this craft can be found at

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