Book Review: Shadow Children series

February 15, 2014

Shadow Children series by Margaret Peterson Haddix
From Miss Sheri at Crestview Branch and Plymouth Branch

Imagine a world in which parents are told by the government that they can only have two children. What do you think would happen if they had three?

In the Shadow Children series created by Margaret Peterson Haddix, this decree is a reality. Families can only consist of a mom, dad and up to two children, no more. But sometimes, a third child is born, a shadow child, so what do they do? Parents hide their third child and hope they are never caught by the Government.

For Luke, an illegal third born, being a shadow child is hard. He wants to go outside and play with his brothers. He wants to eat dinner at the table with his family, instead of on the stairs. He wants to go to school and have friends and be a normal child. But he can’t for fear of being caught by the population police and that has severe repercussions.

But one day, he looks out his window at a house that he knows has two children and sees a girl about his age looking at him. He realizes that she is a Shadow Child, just like himself. Jen is unlike any Shadow Child Luke could imagine. She talks to other Shadow Children by using the computer, and she goes out shopping with her mother at the mall. She wants to be free and is willing to do whatever it takes and sacrifice everything in order to achieve that goal. Jen says being a shadow child is “being among the hidden” and she is tired of it. She has a plan to get the Government to recognize the illegal children. Luke isn’t so sure.

Find out if Jen gets her wish and follow Luke’s story through Margaret Peterson Haddix’s seven part series, beginning with Among the Hidden.

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