Crafting with Kids — Christmas Crafts

December 18, 2013

Christmas is just a week away! Are you looking for some handmade gifts or holiday projects for the kids? Well, look no further!

Last year, we featured four different Christmas crafts to try at home. Here are some more to try, from super simple to more complex. Just follow the link provided to get started crafting!

Christmas Coloring Cards
These cute Christmas cards to print and color from Activity Village will give kids a simple project and recipients a treasured gift! Just download the PDF file, print, and color! Activity Village also has over 100 free Christmas coloring pages available to print off.

Christmas Card

Pinecone Christmas Tree
Mini Christmas trees are so much fun to make! This craft turns an ordinary pinecone into a sparkly, holiday tree. All you need is a pinecone, green acrylic paint, a small lid from a juice container, glue, and sequins and glitter. While it may be messier than the Christmas cards, this project is really easy to make and turns out beautifully!

Wrapping Paper Chains and Baubles
Have extra wrapping paper from wrapping all those gifts laying around? Use it to make these neat baubles and decorative chains! These take a bit more work to prepare and assemble but the results are awesome! And who doesn’t love thrifty crafts?

Seashell Christmas Ornaments
Here at the library, we have seashell ornaments on our Christmas tree. All you really need to do to make one of these ornaments is glue a piece of red yarn or ribbon to the inside of a shell. So simple! While our ornaments are not as decorated as the ones in the instructions, either version of this craft makes a great ornament to add to any Christmas tree.

Christmas Origami
From Christmas trees and stars to Santa and poinsettias, this site contains many, many Christmas origami patterns ranging from beginner level to more advance folding. There are even patterns for snowmen and reindeer!

For even more Christmas craft ideas, check out Activity Village’s website. Happy crafting!


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