Staff Directory

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Joseph C. Palmer Director 419.521.3124
Pamela Lewis Coordinator of Adult & AV Services 419.521.3111
Diane Tobias Coordinator - Services for Children 419.521.3131
Melinda Garrett Collection Development Coordinator 419.521.3133
Jean Ruark Communications Coordinator 419.521.3101
James Ousley Facilities Coordinator 419.521.3103
Peter Moore Information Technology Coordinator 419.521.3105
Chris May Acting Administrator of Branch Services  419.521.3127
Eileen Bensen HR Manager 419.521.3147
Cindy Striker Deputy Fiscal Officer 419.521.3125
Keli Dotson Administrative Assistant 419.521.3124
MaryAnne DiAlesandro Adult Services Manager 419.521.3114
Kevin Oswalt Audio Visual Manager 419.521.3148
Marian Benjamin Cataloging & Processing Manager 419.521.3134
Patricia Brewster Circulation Manager 419.521.3141
Connie Rader Circulation Assistant Manager 419.522.2731
Terry Carter First Call 2-1-1 I&R Librarian 419.522.4636
Boyd Addlesperger Local History-Obit Requests 419.521.3115
Deborah Dubois Outreach Manager 419.522.3001
Anne Rhodes Teen Librarian 419.524.3254
Debbie Smith Volunteer Coordinator 419.521.3145
Mary Frankenfield Bellville Branch Manager 419.886.3811
Vikki Eckert Butler Branch Manager 419.883.2220
Katie Gatten Lexington Branch Manager 419.884.2500
Tanaya Silcox Lucas Branch Manager 419.892.2576
Dona Garber Madison Branch Manager 419.589.7050
Matt Bachelder Acting Ontario Branch Manager 419.529.4912
Danica Perry Plymouth/Crestview Branch Manager 419.687.5655
Telephone Renewal Line Renew your materials by phone 419.524.3019
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